Thursday, 5 May 2016

Lama nya saya menghilang

Assalamualaikum WBT

Wah banyaknya sawang di blog saya ni. It has been so long since last I have updated my blog.

Why? Too busy?? hehehe. The last time I have updated my blog since the implementation of GST.
I still remembered I was too busy looking for a new accounting software to replace the former one. Well that disadvantage working in foreign company. The accounting software was imported from headquarters. Then of course all were coordinated following the HQ requirement.

So, you can imagine how chaotic it has been to me since I have to look for new accounting software so it would comply with GST requirement in Malaysia. Urghhhhhh. Imagine in a very short time to get the Software  consultant. I felt like breathing but no air come into my lung.. (is it correct ? hehehe)

But all went well. We manage to get the accounting software, learn and used it. It has been a year and to my regret I have left the company to join into new company. To gain new experience and learn new thing for my career life. Not that I am that ambitious.. oooo No No.. hehehe but I  believe, to learn something you have to step out from your comfort zone. 

Well , here I am , going hit to 40 years old, but still working to learn and learn and learn because learning is the continuous process and it will only stop when you die

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